Professional Deep Cleaning Carpets, Upholstery & Leather Carpets Dry in 1 Hour

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Curtains and Upholstry

Upholstery Cleaners

When you choose The Stainbusters for cleaning throughout your home, you can rest easy in the knowledge that it’s in the safe hands of our specialist upholstery cleaners. We utilise advanced cleaning technology as well as our own specially developed non-toxic chemicals to ensure an effective yet environmentally friendly clean suitable for an array of fabrics, materials and upholstery.

Curtain Cleaning

Our curtain cleaning techniques are unique in that we’re able to carry out a deep and effective, yet safe, clean while the curtains are still hanging. This means that there’s no need for them to be physically taken down and, as they also dry as they hang, they are typically dry in two hours or less – minimising the disruption to your home.

We know that leather requires special treatment and careful consideration for the techniques used, and that’s why our upholstery cleaners are specially and professionally trained in the latest leather upholstery cleaning techniques and equipment.

A professional and deep, yet careful, clean yields fantastic results, and you can be confident that our experts here at The Stainbusters will provide the care necessary for a stunning clean finish.


The Stainbusters Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve spent years building up our skills, expertise and customer care to ensure nothing less than the best experience for our clients. In fact, we’re so confident about the quality of our service that we offer the following guarantees:

  • Your upholstery won’t be shrunk or damaged by the cleaning process.
  • We’ll remove any stain possible. If we can’t do it, but another firm can, then we’ll offer full refund – no-one can clean upholstery better than us!
  • Once the cleaning procedure is completed, your upholstery will be dry within the hour.