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Fabriguard Stain Protection


Fabriguard Recognised as one of the best ways to protect your carpets, upholstery and curtains from permanent stains, at Stainbusters we utilise the innovative Fabriguard treatment after we have completed your cleaning project. This product is so effective as it creates a barrier which repels and resists soils and liquids so in the event of an accidental spillage, you have enough time to wipe away before the spill penetrates the fabric.

The Fabriguard formula works by surrounding each carpet strand yet still enables the carpet to ‘breath’ so as to avoid any tension and maintain the soft, comfortable feel underfoot. With this treatment in place, future daily and weekly cleaning also becomes more effective as dirt can’t penetrate deep into the fabric, so your carpets stay looking good for longer.

Long Term Protection from Stains

If you don’t protect against the threat of stains, the long term quality and appearance of carpets can be compromised. With Fabriguard treatment from Stainbusters in place though, you can feel confident that everyday stains from the likes of hot drinks, food, make-up and alcohol plus many more are protected against and can be cleaned up with ease.

The key features of Fabriguard are:


Accidental spillages don’t become permanent stains

Fabriguard keeps accidental spills of liquid, airborne soils, body oils and other normal staining substances from reaching the fabric's colourfast properties.

Dirt won’t get ground deep into the carpet

Fabriguard keeps dirt and grime held near the fabric's surface preventing soil from becoming "ground in" or "sand papering" the fabric texture.

Fabric strands can still ‘breathe’ so the carpet keeps a soft, supple feel

Fabriguard works by surrounding each strand, and works great because it does not fill in the open airy spaces that can cause surface tension. Fabrics are allowed to "breathe" to retain their soft supple feel.

Future cleaning can be completed with ease as dirt remains at the surface

Fabriguard fabric protector keeps dirt and grime within easy reach of routine cleaning and vacuuming.

To find out more about this innovative cleaning product, contact the team here at Stainbusters today. You can give us a call on 0800 13 7772 or get in touch via our online contact form and a member of our team will get back to you.

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