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5 Toughest Stains to Remove from Upholstery

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Whether it’s your messy children, your clumsy other half or an accident on your own part, upholstery stains represent one of the toughest household cleaning challenges that any homeowner will face. The fibres and pile of upholstery, particularly carpets, have a tendency to grab hold of stains and refuse to let them go. A combination of natural cleaning products and commercial off-the-shelf solutions can normally team up to make sure that any stains aren’t permanent, but the best remedy to a stain is to act fast. Catching and treating it before it settles into the upholstery is the most effective way to ensure that the unsightly stain isn’t your permanent companion

Soft Drinks

This is one of the most common occurrences of spillages in the home. Dropping your glass on the way to the dining room or knocking a bottle off the table is a nightmare for anybody who indulges in domestic cleaning. If it’s a fizzy beverage, the carbonated liquid seems to taunt you as it fizzles into the carpet with one last hurrah! Dark drinks like cola and blackcurrant are notoriously difficult to remove and the most effective remedy is to opt for particular upholstery cleaning products that can deal with spilt drinks.

Pet Surprise

Anybody who has been lucky enough to keep pets in their home at one point in their life has also probably been unlucky enough to be greeted by a special surprise one morning. Despite your pet’s valiant efforts to hold their bladder or their bowels, sometimes it’s just too much and they can have an embarrassing accident. Unfortunately because these often happen overnight or whilst you’re out, acting quickly is sometimes impossible so it’s best to buy a proper carpet cleaner to deal with the issue. Once you’ve removed the stain, you may need to add another product to deal with the smell as it can be quite a pungent odour which lasts a while.

Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate

Another unfortunately common incidence is the spillage of hot drinks. If you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid pouring the boiling hot beverage down yourself and prevent injury, then count yourself lucky and spring into action! The combination of ingredients in hot drinks can make them much more difficult to remove form upholstery. Your average hot drink will probably have milk and sugar in, not to mention coffee beans or tea leaves; which combine to make a powerful arsenal against your cleaning efforts! Make sure that you’ve completely removed the stain, as even the faintest of marks can turn yellow over time and look particularly unsightly.

Ink Stains

Your pen exploding is a nightmare at the best of times, but when you’re lying on the carpet with your children doing their homework, it can be hard to keep your cool. Some brands of ink can damage the carpet fibres, rather than just leave you with an annoying stain. Fast reflexes and water is your first tool to blot the stain, then you want to use a commercial carpet cleaner to ensure that you lift the stain without ruining your carpet


Yes, water! Surprising consider that you use water as your primary weapon to clean stains; but exposure to water for long periods of time can leave all types of upholstery with a dirty stain. Whether it’s from your curtains touching a damp section of the wall or a slow and almost unnoticeable drip from your ceiling causing carpet stains, upholstery can turn brown and yellow after too much exposure. Commercial carpet cleaners are your best shot at getting this out, though preventing it in the first place and spotting it early is essential in order to avoid the problem.

Although you may be quick to clean up any accidents, sometimes it’s just not enough and you may need to call in a professional. We here at Stainbusters are specialists in carpet and upholstery stain removal and cleaning. Our cleaning techniques and powerful cleaning equipment are sure to get your carpet looking as good as new. For more information on our services, call us on 0800 13 7772 or contact us via our online form.

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