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Get Your Carpets Back To Their Former Glory

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We take pride in our homes, and any marks or stains on your carpet can make an entire room look dirty. With all the snow we have been receiving (yes we know it’s supposed to be spring) you can be sure that if you or anyone in your home has walked through the house with shoes on, all of the snow, grit and dirt from the roadside will have been brought in and trampled into the carpet. The snow would have melted and the residue of salt in the grit will have dried and stuck to the fibres of your once lovely soft carpet, now making it rough and dirty. We here at Stainbusters can bring your carpet back to its original glory.

We have specialist cleaning methods and equipment that ensures carpets will be fresh and cleaner for longer. Lifting dirt and residue from the bottom of your carpet we can get rid of those hard to move stains.

There’s no need worry that your carpets will be a no bounds area for days while the carpet dries. With our specialist equipment and the fact that we don’t use large amounts of water, your carpets will be dry within an hour. Not only that, the reduced amount of water means that no fibres will shrink or any seams be worn away.

Our Fabriguard product can be applied to your carpets, which acting as a barrier between your carpet and any dirt or liquids, stopping the carpet from permanently staining.

So if you want to clean up your tired looking carpet then Stain Busters should be your first port of call. Contact us via our online form or call us on 0800 13 7772. Our professional team, have a wealth of knowledge and experience with all types of carpet and would be happy to answer any questions or queries.

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