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How to Protect Your Carpet Against Summer Spills

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Everyone loves a good party, but what happens when it’s at your house and you are too busy worrying about someone dropping something on your new clean carpet, or mopping up the spills from a knocked over drink to have a good time? By the end of the night you would be frantic with the stress, and undoubtedly it would put you off ever hosting at your home again. Well we here at Stainbusters have just the solution for you.

We use formulated products and specialist cleaning methods to remove any marks and stains from your carpets to get them back to their original state. Our cleaning methods mean that your carpet will be clean and dry within two hours. We don’t use large amounts of liquid, so you don’t have to worry about your carpet shrinking or taking hours to dry. Not only does our carpet cleaning remove visible marks and stains, it also lifts dirt and soil and from the depths of your carpet ensuring that they are clean all the way through.

Once we have fully cleaned your carpet, we can treat it and any other soft furnishings with our Fabriguard product. As it creates a barrier between the carpet and any accidental spillages or dirt, you can quickly wipe away the mess before it soaks into the fabric and causes permanent staining. The product doesn’t leave any residue, so there is no stickiness, or alteration to the fabrics texture.

Our Fabriguard product lasts for five years, as long as spills are cleaned up quickly and annual cleaning from Stainbusters is carried out. Your regular cleaning routine will be much easier and more effective as any dirt will not be embedded into the fabric. This will extend the life of your carpet and other soft furnishings, saving you money.

Now that you know how to protect your carpet from any summer spills, you can start sending round the invites for your next party. You won’t have to worry about your carpet or upholstery getting ruined, and you can sit back and enjoy it like everyone else.

If you want to prepare your carpets for future accidents, or are looking for carpet cleaners in Sale, call Stainbusters today on 0800 13 7772 or send us an email via our online form. Our experienced and qualified team will be able to help you with any questions or queries you may have.

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