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Stain Removal vs Replacement – Which is Best?

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When it comes to dirt, there is nothing worse than staining something that is awkward to remove – whether this is on the sofa, carpet or other upholstery. For many, the option is simple; replace what has been stained. But what if it’s already new? What if it’s not possible to just throw it away? This is where the option of stain removal is a practical option for many but something not many people consider.

So which is better – Stain Removal or Replacing the stained object? We discuss the options here:

Carpet Stains: Stain Removal

The carpet is one area of the home that is bound to become soiled at some time in its life. All it takes is a muddy pet, clumsy child or drunken Uncle to create a stain that is obvious to everyone who walks through the door. Unfortunately, rugs can only hide so much, and carpets aren’t cheap, so stain removal is the ideal solution to having your carpets back to best.

Specialist like us at StainBusters can offer this service for less money than it would be replacing the offensive carpet, and we use safe methods which dry in no time ensuring there is no inconvenience to you or your family.

Curtains: Stain Removal / Replacement

Floor length curtains are more prone to being walked on or gathering up dirt when being opened and closed. Similar to carpets, all it takes is one mishap and the curtains can be looking a little worse for wear. In this case, it depends entirely on where the stain occurs, if it isn’t worth saving then replacing the curtains can be a cheaper alternative.

On the other hand, many curtains are made from silk; these aren’t cheap and need a little TLC. Stain removal is still possible so make sure you discuss this with a professional such as ourselves to really find out what would be better.

Other Upholstery – Stain Removal

Sofas, rugs, cushions are all prone to the odd spillage now and then and as with the other points, the worry is other people will notice it just as much as you do. Using steam and other methods, your upholstery can get back to looking back to normal without forking out £’s replacing it.

All of the methods of removal are safe and there is no risk of damage to fabrics or the condition of your items. So next time you think about taking a trip to the tip, enquire with us as to how we can help restore your items back to their original state.

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